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•  REPLEK AND HUBO INTERNATIONAL doo is a project resulting from the business collaboration between REPLEK AD and HUBO from Belgium , one of the leading do-it-yourself trading houses in Belgium.

•  Replek Market Hubo was initially positioned in the marked as a DO- IT-YOURSELF market, in Skopje more and more known as a MARKET FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. At this moment, we offer more than 25 000 products, for all costumer groups.

•  What you will find in Replek Market Hubo is everyday promotions and discounts, air-conditioned space, free of charge parking, with more than a hundred and fifty parking spaces and always a customer- friendly staff ready to help you.

•  In order to approach the customers more closely, Replek founded the Replek Market Hubo Customers' Club. The Club has more than 5000 members who can use the advantages and benefits such as 5% discount on every product, 10% discount in our restaurant Day and Night. Members can participate in prize contents and a free of charge magazine is distributed once monthly. Also, members are regularly informed about the discounts through e-mail messages. Surprises can also be expected.


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